BetterBump - by Mother Hen Products

BetterBump has been developed by Mother Hen Products - an Australian owned and run business based in Melbourne, Victoria. Born from a passion for food and a life-long interest in healthy nutrition, BetterBump offers good clean eating with extra support for mothers and mothers-to-be.

Enjoying healthy and happy children is wonderfully fulfilling and BetterBump aims to enhance this magical experience. Mother Hen Products is proud to be manufacturing this unique and innovative product right here in Melbourne.

We wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy and hope you love BetterBump as much as we do!

Lee, Jacqui, Ava and Eden

[Since 2001 Mother Hen Products has developed and distributed babies’ accessories and maternity wear nationally. Currently we hold the exclusive distribution rights to five USA brands including Belly Bandit, Rockabye Baby Music, Nuroo, Frenchie Mini Couture and Sensible Lines.]


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