We LOVE reading reviews and getting feedback on our BetterBump Bars!

Here are a few recent ones <3


Catherine F. (April 2017)

"I received a free trial bar in the post today and before I made it back inside from the mail box, I had finished it! The Oat Berry with Dark Chocolate was amazing. Just enough chocolate to quench a sweet craving!"


Amanda H. (April 2017)

“I received my bar in the mail today , it was good timing because I was hungry ! I quickly started eating it & it tastes great , not too sweet & it's very filling. I'm 29 weeks pregnant so hopefully this can provide some much needed energy to chase after my toddler. I like that it's Australian made too”


Louise P (April 2017)

“Loved this healthy snack knowing that I was also giving my baby a little dose of goodness, even though it was so yummy! I'm 27 weeks pregnant and is now my go-to snack “


Nikki H (Feb 2017)

“I really wish I'd found these bars when I was pregnant with my son. However, they're equally good as a healthy snack for a busy new mum that's constantly on-the-go! They taste favourite is the apricot and almond with dark chocolate, but they're all great. Ideal for keeping in your handbag/nappy bag for when you've forgotten to eat...again!”


Natalie W (Dec 2016)

“I tried these bars for the first time while I was breastfeeding, and I wish I'd found them sooner. They are delicious! These bars would also be the perfect snack when you're pregnant and all you want is chocolate:) I would keep one in my handbag for whenever I started to get hungry. I just can't believe that they're healthy too. Yum!”