BetterBump loves helping Mums October 08 2015

We love feedback in order to improve the BetterBump product and service for all Mums and Mums-to-be. And hey, who doesn't like a bit of praise every now and then!

This is what Sally, one of our many valued customers, had to say:

Hey my name is Sally, I have been exclusively expressing for my son who is almost 4 months old with the help of BetterBump.

My son Charlie was born with Pierre Rubin Sequence which means he has a small chin, cleft palate & breathing difficulties. When I found out that it was physically impossible for him to breast feed I was heartbroken. So it is here I started my pumping journey. 

I was determined to give my son the best start in life with my breast milk. I found BetterBump after ordering a Belly Bandit belt. After trying it I was very excited to see an increase in my milk supply. I quickly jumped online and, before I knew it, I got my first order.BetterBump Bars are now my go to snack it is quick and you can eat it on the run! It really helps takes the stress out of pumping for me as it helps me make more milk for my son. I am now known to have midnight snacks on my BetterBump bar as it's a delicious treat that I don't feel guilty about.

Breast milk is so important especially when your children have complications. I can't thank BetterBump enough in helping me with my milk supply. 

Sally Fromm,

Sally also recorded the following testimonial:


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