Do I need to eat more when I am pregnant? September 08 2014

“Eating for two” is a pregnancy myth that experts say can prove fatal.

Your appetite may fluctuate through your pregnancy.

First Trimester: The first few weeks you may see your appetite fall away. Especially if you are feeling nausea.

Second Trimester: During the second trimester you may see your appetite return to pre pregnancy levels perhaps slightly increased.

Third Trimester: Towards the end of your pregnancy (Third Trimester) your appetite will probably increase. Small frequent meals may be helpful.

Your body becomes more efficient when you are expecting a baby and makes better use of energy that you get from food. You will however need extra kilojoules in your second and third trimesters.

The average woman needs an extra 1400kj a day during the second trimester, then again in your third trimester you need an additional 500kj on top of your intake in the second trimester.