Obesity and pregnancy - the risks September 08 2014

Almost one in four Australian women are obese when they become pregnant, with alarming new evidence that they are putting their babies’ health at risk. One in four babies born to obese woman weighed more than 4Kg and their weight. Large babies often had their shoulders stuck in the birthing canal which could lower the baby’s oxygen levels and leave the aby with injuries or nerve problems. With the pregnant mother also at significant risk if obese.

Obese pregnant woman are twice as likely to develop gestational diabetes and 2.6 times more likely to develop severe hypertensive disease compared with normal weight woman.

Half of all obese woman have had to deliver through Caesarean Section.

Obese woman have a higher than normal rate of unexplained still births after 38 weeks.

"Children of woman who diet during pregnancy as well as those that overeat are more likely to grow up to be overweight" – Professor John Funder.